The pebbles remind me of the headache I have, but this is part of a string of words and many others to come about us, as people, must learn from our mistakes.

21st century is going to sleep

I'll sing you a lullaby,
"never forget who you are, little star",
And now I'll tell you a sotry,
It's about the infamous road to Damascus,
People are always looking for this road,
To be close to something, to take pictures,
Even to get souvenirs to be sold or passed on,
But the results are all the same,
They just wanna be there,
It reminds me of a scene in "Godfather Part III, (nothing violent),

When Michael Corleone met the Cardinal,
Who would soon be the doomed pope,
They started a conversation about Christianity,
Whereas the Cardinal took a pebble from the bottom of the well,
He explained that pebble has been in this water for years,
Then he cracked it open and the inside was completely dry,
He compared that to christianity, saying,
For centuries man has been surrounded by religion,
But for many, it never reaches the soul,

Even the words that God said to Moses was,
"I will put my laws into their and in their minds, I will write them",
What have we lost?, What have we forgotten?,
Love through religion, faith or neither, is your gift of being human,
And any evil, using religion, faith or niehter is plain evil,

That road is so infamous because someone was confronted,
By the Almighty, himself, about his evil deeds,
His use of religion and faith to justify,
Justificaiton is the job of the divine,
Defense, Notification, Admittance and finally, Forgiveness, is for humanity,
So often, these traits are confused and divinity slips right on in,
And these days are good examples of the results when things go unchecked,

So here we are on this raod to Damascus,
Will we evolve and fufill,
Or remain unpenetrated pebbles on the road,
I choose time, patience and hope,
And yes, faith,
Good night 21st Century,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 389 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 03:35

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Kathy Lockhart
great writing and very visual examples. just some typos need to be fixed i think. This kept me riveted! Great anology that you used from the "God Father." Wow, that certainly hit the mark. surrounded put not penetrated. I will not forget that example for sure. You are right to align what happened on the Road to Damascus thousands of years ago. Their certainly was a man changed there who used his religion to persecute the Christians. Show how God changed his soul. You have a great message here. Thanks for posting it. kathy

keith nunes