Believe it or not, I'm not writing this out of anger, it's just common sense, Read, Remember, and Enjoy, hopefully.

Serve and compare

What happen to the human being?,
At the Mcdonald's?, Burger King?, Olive garden?,
What happen to the human customer,
At the door?, At the table, In the bathroom?,
The more we tend to "kiss up",
The more human we take away from us,
And vice-versa,
So yet I ask, "When did we become so inhumane?",
Everything so perfect, so fast, so efficient,
So robotic, we have become vending machines,

I'm trying something old and making it new,
I'm not trying to be perfect,
It's a ignorant business,
I "try" to please everyone, not "please everyone",
To the point of vile submission,
Ungrateful bastards serving ungrateful bastards,
That's what we have become, but there is hope,
A very simple rule,
"Do unto others as you would like to done to yourself",
Are we all human first?,

Another problem is the re-creation of classes,
When did working at a fast-food restaurant become so demeaning?,
They get paid just as much as anyone else, and in some cases, better,
But yet we look at them as almost sub-human, sub-serviant,
And yet we forgot what we were doing at age 15, 16, 17 or even 20,
But now, it's so beneath us, here's a message for you,
Easy come, easy go,
You can be right back there at 35, 40 or even 65,
We try so hard to destroy these classes, this mentality,
Only to rationalize to ourselves why we are bring them back, mentally,

Last but not least, the corporation persistence,
Greed is the product of many things, including service,
Remember, as long as it not them, it's not a problem,
It's a society of greedy little butt-kissers,
And each one of them made their bones by using this art to its fullest potential,
The proud and true are not only rarity, but the hunted, it just doesn't fit the money scheme,
They will rationalize and order while at the same asking , "Would they have done this",
And then telling themselves, "Good thing it's not me",
And that's how the cycle goes on and on,

So, what have we learned,
You can't respect somone who kisses your ass,
People love human beings better than the automatic machine,
And finally, you were in that spot long ago, and if you're not too careful,
You might be there again,
The customer is always right, and so is the server,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 419 times
Written on 2006-08-17 at 05:22

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This makes for interesting reading with a great deal of truth in it ,well done.

Kathy Lockhart
good logic good moral teaching, some deep thinking, and a stimulating piece to be read and absorbed! Golden Rule is a perfect solution to our world's woes. kathy