Well. I wanted to write a little poem about a brazen thief and ended up with more than I had in mind. Not that I'm complaining ;D

The devil on the roof

A shadow stirs beneath the waning moon
A sleeping lord a lord no more quite soon
Betray'd at times by the creak of leathers,
Still he keeps his feet as light as feathers
His was a youth robb'd of a mother's love
On this he ponders as he tugs on his glove
Could this truly be his only destiny?
That of a deft thief bound to infamy?
The sudden cough of a crow kills all thought
Leaving our brave hero quite distraught
Aye; the ghostly rogue stops dead in his tracks
Please understand; fear is something he lacks;
But that caw had the ring of an omen
Lo! On yon balcony stands a bowman!
The lord has grown careful in his old age
But draped in dark the roof is a thief's stage
Unsheathing his daggers in bleak silence;
Down he floats to exert his violence
A perfect lateral slash ends the clash;
The archer dies sporting a spurting gash
Ever thankful of such god given luck
He grins and lets go of a wicked cluck
"Ouch, such a nasty wound there on your throat,
Mind me cleaning these daggers on your coat?"
Slipping boldly in the lord's chamber door
He halts at the lack of a lordly snore
Bemused in truth he sneaks towards the bed;
Admitting to himself a growing dread
But no prince lies amidst the silken sheets
Hearing naught but his own giddy heartbeats;
He stares upon the siren laying there
Never has he seen a lady more fair;
For here lies a goddess of pure allure
This is more than he could hope to endure!
Her skin the fabric of a thousand dreams;
And her hair woven gold, or so it seems!
So perfectly curved are her milky thighs
Her eyes a pair of diamond mines; her eyes!

"Aye, my brazen thief, I am quite awake;
Make a move an' end your days on the stake!
Ah, but fear not, my fierce and handsome sneak;
I offer a deal, hark, or I shall shriek"

Thus did the Devil on the roof become two;
A tale I am sure you believe is untrue
Be that as it may; I shant forget that day
Nor the look in her eyes as we snuck away;
For hers was a youth robb'd of a mother's care
And my coming mark'd an end to her despair
Ours is a union unmatch'd in its full bloom;
That of two spirits' rapture within the gloom
We shall traverse these old roofs forevermore
Stealing as before what life might have in store

Poetry by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 550 times
Written on 2006-08-17 at 05:53

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EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
your rhythm , and your colours
the Gothic veil that drapes me slowly as I read this . All taken in . And I read it again. And again . You are great .

David Hazell
Ominous. Some beautiful word choice.

wow! This is a text to read and re-read time after time. Your words simply flow and the story is fascinating. I love it!


5 isn't high enough for the rating it deserves!

Very well written, reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe and I'm sure he would approve of this one.

Rob Graber
Gripping story; great surprise ending!