A mixture of Concrete Blonde's "Caroline", two old friends long gone and the lives of the innocently accused.

The coldness of neighbors

Were you there for her?,
When she said he touched me?,
Were you there?,
When he hurt her?,
Were you there?,
When he left her alone, with child?,

I see her sometimes, dressed in white,
Surrounded by the comfort of anxious people,
For good or ill, I don't know,
And now, I don't think she cares anymore,
I was there and I saw the last of her innocense,
Snatched away, Torn away, Ravaged away,
They heard, they saw and they took,
Over my beaten body,
What do you say?, What do you do?,

I screamed for help,
Only to hear closed doors,
From a past she didn't deserve,
They wouldn't see that she was the victim,
But boy, could they shun,
Even when she tried to kill the seed,
They followed, ate sandwiches, and chanted,

Were you there for her?,
When she put herself for sale?,
Were you there for her?,
For the final act?, when they ended it all?,
When I gave her a little bit of dignity back,
Finally, you came and saw the product of your decisions,
Neighbors cruelty is a fading ideal, but your warmth,
Was the coldest of all,
You were nothing more than a "Could've been",
And in a way, we all were,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-18 at 04:46

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Kathy Lockhart
great poetic story of indifference! well written and deeply profound. kathy