Based on "Live" first album "Mental jewelry" " And if i don't know who to love, I'll love them all, and if I don't know who to trust, I'll trust them all"

The true meaning of friendship is more than a word, it's the feeling of true happiness

We were brothers and sisters, then

The only choice that you never have or own,
Is loneliness, somebody cares,
Somebody can and will take the time to care,
To be there, to be a friend,
We weren't made to be alone and we never will,
Yes, I did say it before,

What is Scooby without Shaggy?,
Juan Valdez without the burro?,
Or even night without day?,
We meet them from the second we open our eyes,
We talk to them, depend on them, play with them,
And through this, they are the extended family,
No matter where they go or who they will be,
They will always be that,

Sometimes we forget this simplicity,
We replace the definition with ignorant and sarcastic sayings,
Such as "A friend is someone who can use and abuse because your enemies won't let you",
But remember, according to time, before the word "friend", we were brother and sister, despite of what you see now,
The words are now just classifications, it doesn't change anything,
You can be a "technicolor rainbow" for all I care,
You are still a person, a human being, a brother and sister,
That's the true classification, so simple, isn't it?,

Don't treat it like a memory lapse,
You wouldn't your brother, sister, mother, father or friend like that,
Would you?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-18 at 17:11

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Kathy Lockhart
wonderful insight, teachings, and thoughts from you. Beautifully written...keep dancing Saga. I love the feel of it. kathy