Advice is fine, using it is the other. You already know how to love, you just got to have the guts to do it, I guess.

Forcing it

Faster, Faster,
I just can't stop, sounds familiar?,
Is the cause really worth the effect?,
Can you remember the last time you savored anything?,
The first look, the first smile, the first touch, and finally,
The first kiss,
Are we that busy to love or even be loved?,
I see men going to Russia to find a bride, not love,
They describe the opposite like prize-winning horses,
I thought "love for sale" was called prostitution,
But like I said, they're looking for a bribe, sorry, bride,

So i say, "Where's the blame?,
Intimidation, Fast Love or Inadequacy?,
Spare your pointing fingers, you're just forcing it?,
Like the song says "Walk don't run",
There is a plan, you just meet people along the way,
They don't work out, because it's part of the plan,
It's like a finely constructed skyscraper,
You need tools, experience, and time,

Tools are everywhere,
On hand, on line, on others,
Just don't be afraid to use all of them,
I'll emphasize on use because you have to,
Love doesn't come on delivery, and there is the problem,
Now ask yourself, you can use all the excuses in the world,
But here it goes,
Do you want a person or a dressed-up trophy?,
Now you can have the trophy, but remember,
You're responsible for the maintenance,
To love a person is not only a many emotional thing, it is also a partnership, representation baby,

Experience is what you've learned from your mistakes,
From the first love letter to the last break-up,
Few or many, they shape you,
You know what you want, you know what you don't want,
There's nothing wrong with that,
Because, there is nothing wrong with you, is it?,
With experience your vision is better,
Your heart is sweeter and wise,
And love no longer becomes instant, but awarding,
You learned what hurts you physically when you were a child,
Don't feel indifferent when it occurs in land of love,

Time has two speeds, slow and fast,
Everybody sings about it, so it must be true,
You can go either way,
Love is unconditional, not a fix,
A healer, not a grudge,
If you remember this,
I think that you will have a better understanding of the duty of time,
After all, we created it,
With time, love has no limit, unless you made it,
You don't look at her then and compare her to now,
And hopefully, she doesn't do the same,

We try too little and too hard,
We're missing it, the smiles from others,
The kindness of others, they're just showing signs,
Don't stand still, respond to them,
A special thing happens when you're too busy making a special thing happen,
Frocing it, baby, Just forcing it,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 401 times
Written on 2006-08-19 at 05:38

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What a nice provoking thoughts you'd explore in this poem!!!!much lovely!!!!kissess

Kathy Lockhart
Wow! great expose` of what goes on today! didn't mean to rhyme that. This is a wonderful thought evoking piece. You are a sage. I love tastes good in sausage and stuffing. oh, forgive me, i am rambling. Good Write! : ) kathy