Dancing is such a huge part of me. I will try to explain to you why.


A sensation, a heartbeat, a rythmn,
Since birth, it has intrigued me,
That's why dancing comes so natural to me,
17 years I have studied in Europe and America,
A blend of street, ballet, hip-hop, acrobatics,
A student who became a master, a teacher,
And a student again, always learning,
About music strongest expressions,

There is always something to be taught,
Something to be obtained,
That's why people break almost every bone in their body,
Not for perfection or to be the best,
But for the love of the dance,

The sensation begins with the anticipation of hearing,
Sounds that soothe, haunt and finally touch you,
It's not meant to be controlled, so don't try to,
You don't try to control lust, this is just another desire,
To cherish, to savour, to feel,

Our heartbeats are heard and felt as we walk into it,
As like your taste of something new and exciting,
All your thoughts are in these heartbeats,
That puts your body in these positions,
Movements blueprinted in the soul,
Directed by the heartbeats,
And the produced by the rythmns,

People say they have it and don't,
They say they don't and do,
But these rules are not existent,
Within these repetitive motions,
Concentration belongs to each other now,
And those around you,
People might say these are movements of a pick-up artist,
You may be right, depending on the person, but,
It's true original concentration is always feeling,
The music, atmosphere and trying to find a rythmic match,
Or attraction, on many forms besides physical,

So there you have it,
A blueprint to dancing essence,
It has nothing to with image, fashion or trend,
When you hear the sounds, ask yourself, how?,
You feel?, she feels?,
What is around you, not what bounds you,
Flow with it and let nothing stand in your way,

This is why,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 495 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 04:45

Tags Flow 

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This is so vibrant and rich..the textures throughout of emotion, perserverance, and love..BRAVO!

I certainly feel the passion through your words, wonderful.