A friend, or just someone I know who really fucked it up...

There for you

I know I'm not special,
not listed in your heart,
but baby, I shure do care
and I'll be there
for you.

So maybe I don't really
know you at all
but hun, that dosent mean
that I cant see the spirrit
that rest beneith your soul

I see the smile in your eyes
I hear the srength in your words
I smell the braveness you overcome
I taste the bitterness from last year
and I feel your softness when we hug

Maybe I dont love you
maybe you're not listed,
in my heart
but you got me on,
cuz I relate to you
in a hundred diffrent ways

I see my reflection in your spirrit,
I see the person I could've been,
If those people, I like to call friends
had not hold on to me as tigth
as they did, back then....

I know for shure
that Icould have fucked up my life
fucked up it all
and maybe not been here today

so I want to hold on to You, and give You what they gave me:
a chanse to live a decent life...

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 753 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 20:38

Tags Care 

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i felt this one.. deep striking heartshaking feeling.. it is good to see that there still are people who cares about others then themselfes out in this horibble world!

A beautiful dedication of friendship!

Zachary P. B.
let me be your friend
let me love you and care
let me smile and say "hi"
let me be me for you
just let me in...

i connect with this one. a very good job.=)