If the lies don't fit, you must acquit. The stories of the times.

A moment of weakness

"Everybody speaks and does stupid things",

But who is the fool?,
The fool who does it?,
Or the fool who believes it?,
When put in a corner, you react,
It is natural, it's human and that's reality,
In a perfect world, there will be no mistakes,
No stumbles, falls, or retribution of the fact,
But once again, we do not live in a perfect world,

Caution is something everybody uses,
But not all the time, people do fall,
And like anyone knows, once you fall,
You not only pick yourself up,
You realize the mistake you made that got you there,
Responsibility, in forms of apologies,
Acts of forgiveness, and total humiliation,
Is what must be sought, recognized, acknowledged,
And finally, let go,

We, as human beings,
Responsible people,
Civic-minded individuals with some common sense,
Must take the duty of separating true from false,
Before finding your stone,
Here some facts for you,
The media, informative as it is,
Is in it for the money,
The cash don't flow from the truth,
It flows from the ability to let the reader inquire, question and then judge,
Alterior motives are always in play, by individuals,
And the innocent, we live to see the strong fall,
It's our "katharsis" to balance the scale,
In which we know is wrong, but we lose ourselves within the excitement,
Of the rebuttals,

You wouldn't like anybody to call you stupid and ignorant,
So when one-side stories are made,
Why do you play "stupid to believe everything you read and hear"?,
We are smarter than this,
If I told you that "he was on drugs" when he said that,
Would you believe?,
Even if I told you, I was his dealer?,
Even a lawyer has to get facts, evidence,
What makes us any different?,

Why can we find a stone faster than we can find out the truth?,
Even when we know the stories are one-sided?,
When alterior motives are ever present?,
When we are all real, fallible human beings?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 400 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 07:57

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F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
there's just an over bombardment of information nowadays, it gets a bit too much - well for me anyway... what is true and what isn't - depends on the people's agenda and the venue the information comes from, as you've pointed out... i agree...

"The media, informative as it is, Is in it for the money, The cash don't flow from the truth, " - this passage reflects my view on media... and that's one of the reasons why i quit on it all about 5 years ago...

it does boggle my mind that one-sided stories can become anything remotely close to conviction in mind for some... what's this importance to want to take sides in matters which more often than not do not even concern us... what's this need to see others' downfalls or sufferings... and add to them, really... collective insensitivity, seems we forget all of us is human and have not-so-glorious moments at times... and also that facts are easily manipulated... how many "campaigns" of humiliation and dragging in the dirt have we witnessed (in media or our entourage of people) and still be confident that the info being given is anything legitimate, unbiased or honest... i also agree with got to dig deeper than the surface... that is if the matter or information presented to us has any sense, and direct bearing on our lives... if not, why participate in and perpetuate nonsense... my view mind you...

i enjoyed this very much for its thought-provoking quality and sensibility... as well as the fact it's very well-written... thanks for this, got my mind going :) :f xx

Almost perfect!!!yes this is very true ..I like the idea and how you delivered your poem wondefully!!!!kissess

keith nunes
amen to that!

Kathy Lockhart
You have hit a bulls-eye with with piece! You certainly have a cheerleader in me. " Finally, someone else knows what goes on in this "justice system" of ours and in the media! Anyway, as one great man said, "Let he who is without sin caste the first stone." He never caste it and he was perfect! So who are we to stand around with stones in our pockets eager to hurl them at anyone who we feel deserves it?
I love the way you dance! kathy