The price of the modern waterfront, like a drug we're dependent on them, so much that we broke our own laws to keep them.

Over the fences

"give us your tired, poor and hungry" or something like that,

Everybody has the right,
To live and prosper here,
that what we made it to be,
But everybody has the duty to do it right,
It's not easy, so is life,
But you must ask yourself the question,
"What if the shoe was on the other foot?",

Like Mother alcohol and then Father drugs before,
It was never a problem until it becomes public,
Nothing wrong until it costs jobs,
What did it take, huh?,
Saw different people in the restaurant?,
People you see stereotyped in the next cubilcle?,
Or you met your first 5-year old translator,

Let me explain this clearly,
There is nothing wrong with being a immigrant,
That's what we all were, before,
And soon, the immigrants will be, too,
But you can't use and abuse,
And not be made accountable, or run,
And protest?, where are your legs?,
Anger may flow through you now like a geyser, but,
If I did the same, would you write about it the same?,
And maybe, will be able or live to read it?,

Over and under the fences they go,
With friends and family, or a underground Fedex, UPS or DHL delivery of drugs on hand,
Dodging Elderly Minutemen, travellers and Policemen,
No one sees and everybody blames and then complain,
"How did they get to work on time?",
"Where did they get the new car?",
"Why does the youngest one know English, and the elders smile?",
And finally, Why do we care?, when now,
We need them more than they need us,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 473 times
Written on 2006-08-24 at 06:10

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What if the root of the evil is in the "us and them" mentality?
How good is it to say "Everybody has the right, To live and prosper here" when this destroys the right of others to live and prosper where they are?
Just a couple of questions.
Thank you for a text that engenders thoughts!

Kathy Lockhart
wow, this dancer is rapping and tapping all over this issue with some great and mighty shoes. Your point is well taken. Lots of controversy in this piece. Lets see where it goes. well written as always. kathy

Why does the youngest one know English, and the elders smile?",
And finally, Why do we care?

....The dancer moves without a trace!!!! such a nice provoking thought here..i love this line!!!!thank you for sharing!!!kissess