The lessons learned from all who have left us.


It's human, it's taken in moderation,
And sometimes addicitive and contagious,
We do it in public, in private,
For bravery and pride-sake,
Or loss and pain,

We should let them be,
We should be left alone,
And that's one of the most painful places to be,
But, you must stand guard,
Because you must be where you are needed,
The idea is for each one to feel and endure their pain to heal,
Not to dwell, live and sink into it,

You cannot offer the cure for the pain,
And it is wrong to claim such a deed,
Show love, compassion, and faith,
And God and time will do the rest,

To mourn is not also an natural emotion phase,
But a duty by those who love their lost, but not forgotten,
Their fallen, but not forgotten,
And the suffered, but not forgotten,
But this is only stage, phase, a time,
The sun will shine upon us all,
Provided by their memories,
That's why the sun always shines, as well as the moon,
Imagine how many remembered and loved souls it takes,
To light up one day, to light up one night,

The beauty of mourning is the smile that remembers,
The lost,
The fallen,
And the suffered,
You will never, ever be forgotten,
As long as there is day and night,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
Read 458 times
Written on 2006-08-27 at 00:47

Tags Shine 

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a beautiful piece on mourning and grief. It takes on all faces. To be left alone or to be visited by friends. Who knows, not even the ones who grieve know for sure. The process has no time frame, structure, or order. It just is. Grieving is important; in grieving healing can begin.

lily vitoria
I think the last to paragraphs link together really well, well written.

I've bookmarked. I love it.