From the crops to the ziploc bag, the factory to the shelf. Somebody is always getting a cut of the desire.

Humor me

A street corner vs. a commercial,
A gun vs. dead presidents,
Uncontrollable greed vs. Uncontrollable greed,
In temptation, it is not the object that is to blame,
But what we perceive as right and wrong,
Sounds like the devil's greatest power over man, woman and child,
Persuasion, persuasion,

What is more dangerous?,
The drug approved or the narcotic outlawed,
The answer is in the money,
The profit of something that is legal or illegal, is weighed,
And the results are what you see on the tube,
Politics are the same,
Gangs with bandanas vs. lawmakers with three-piece suits,
Fighting over no-mans turf vs. fighting over interests, mostly theirs,
And in the middle, running back and forth, are us,
Kept in the dark, rebellious and scared,

Addiction is depenency out of control,
We have forgotten about "moderation",
You drink a little not because you like control,
But not to overdo it,
This is the same with everything else in life,
Why use, take and crave more,
When you can savor and manage with less,
Now bear in mind, if it's illegal, leave it alone, but ask yourself,
Who profits from your desire and why?,

It has been known that good and bad both clap the same hands,
And with this, we walk where angels fear,
Decide with divine eyes watching, but never interfere,
And wonder where the devil pushes and pulls,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 414 times
Written on 2006-08-29 at 05:24

Tags Craving 

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keith nunes
potent piece. plenty to savour and some real truths here