Walk and Drift

One woman walked,
One woman drifted,
They both devoted their love,
But the weight became too much,
They couldn't love him no more,
Sharing was never part of the deal,
Neither was the abuse of their trust and love,

The one who walked knew him too well,
But not his soul, she lost that relationship some time ago,
Maybe that was the problem,
They always wore masks, love and hate,
It seems more obvious which mask was used the most,
When the growth splinters, it's hard to put it back together,
And both parties must be real,
You are left to wonder,
Between the space, role-playing and thinking,
Where was this foundation known as love?,

The woman who drifted wanted the thrill,
But not him, she never wanted any part of that relationship,
Opportunity always presented themselves,
As arrogance became the ever-growing issue,
Their clothes were always lust and deciet,
And it was always easy to peel and cover,
But like addiction, the addict wants the drug,
Not the other way around,
Lost in the game, they were,
And reality was a part of it, unfortunately,

There was no fatal scene,
No outburst or any other drama,
To forsee what will soon happen,
It just became obvious,
The play was finally played out and they got tired,
On the same day and in the same house,
She walked because being with him was expensive,
To her soul, her life and her truth,
And she drifted because,
You can't respect someone who kisses your trunk,
And the thrill became weak and stale,

His checks have finally bounced,
Lost is not a feeling, but a prison for his crimes,
But I do feel sorry for him,
Because he never learned the difference between,
Moderation and abuse,
Moderation is to nibble as abuse is to over-eating,
The slower the move, the more he could had realized,
The cracks between him and the one who walked,
And never blew into the rapture of the one who drifted,
A ever-so ignorant tragedy, I guess,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 443 times
Written on 2006-08-29 at 06:18

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nice poem very well written

This is what I want in your poem the dancer moves without a trace!!!kissess