First, it was too slow, too late. Now they want too fast, too soon. The only good thing is somebody finally stopped hiding from it.

The rise of the bayou of tears

It came, it saw, and it destroyed,
But it never conquered,
You can still hear the music,
Feel the love of the culture that was born there,
Smell the food far beyond the stench of debris,
And that is why this city is unconquered, still,

Blame?, who do you?,
We must act upon what we have learned,
That there is an unbalanced scale between races?,
Between status and between organizations,
That the media is information for the masses,
But will never be a friend to the truth,
That evil thrives through chaos,
Before and after the disaster,
And organizations and even administrations,
Can't never be blamed for not being fully prepared,
But they can be blamed for acting way too slowly,

My people asked, "What if this was Beverly Hills?",
Kayne's questions would be more blunt and somewhat profane,
And how can a man who failed,
Try to make himself look like a vicitm everywhere he goes,
Maybe it's easy to act this way when you didn't know what you were doing in the first place?,
Or like he's doing now, being blind to the paycheck and status,
And finally, a fool is always to blame,
Our clown, our Charlie Brown,
Why do they pick on you?,
Because if you wasn't in it, you were running away from it,
You make a mess and try to look good, cleaning it,
But blame now is an old song,
Already gone off the top ten pop song list,
Ready to be spew and belted out by a "American Idol" contestant,

"Chocolate city", "Home of the Creole",
"Mardi Gras and Ellenville", don't you lose hope,
Like I said in a church in Maryland less than a week ago,
"The strength is in you, me and your people, not the distance,
Of your hate, distrust or your temporary or new home",
You have a man there that would literally give his life,
To give you back that what you have lost,
From the storm, the insurance companies, and even the government,
Remember, patience is a tool of love, not hate,
Don't you lose your faith, it's only been a year,
People from everywhere have not fallen and so shouldn't you,
I ask you to forgive, but I leave it to you to choose to forget,
All you and we have to now is to build better and stronger,
Just like WTC, just on a grander scale,
To New Orleans and its people I give this unto you,

"God has never stopped loving you, and so haven't I",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 381 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 03:29

Tags Katrina 

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keith nunes
uplifting. well said

very true! that was happened today.!!!thank you for sharing this!!!!kissess