To our lost cause, Mr Karr.


That human instinct that everybody wants,
That everybody has, but always wants more,
Attention, more acquaintances, and more lights,
It's probably why we do the things we do,
Right or Wrong, we market anything and everything,
It is the ones that take that too far, we noticed,
Like it or not,
The unsatisfication of one self must be deafening,
To these self- believing lost people,
Even sympathy can only go so far,

That feeling of belief of losing if you do not have,
It gives us many faces, many beliefs,
But never comfort,
It is desire out of control (there, I wrote that phrase, again),
Would you believe me if I say, you need this?,
I'll tell you why, and for pay,
Just playing, we pay enough already,
Survival and drive,
It what gets anyone up, even the weakest,
And like all the other feelings stated,
It's part of what makes us who we are,

Which leads me here,
A lie, is a phrase or story,
Depicting something that is not true,
We know its wrong, but we want to belong,
We know it isn't true, but we want attention,
We know we can't make it real, but we are desperate for it to be,
All that we know about a lie, we still do it,
I guess it's all according to a point of view,
If we say it long enough, we'll believe,

Keep"faith" out this, reader, it has no place here at this time,
And if you do question, I can bring you back to reality,

Moving on,
In a lie, we make our own prison,
That we have to break out of, to see light,
And that's if you have not made the prison, your home,
In conclusion, I guess,
The truth walks with you hand in hand, to see the light,
And a lie is like walking with restraints,
It makes you stronger, but you have a slower pace,
Or is that a "point of view",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 611 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 05:43

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