Wishin', prayin' and hopin' for something that all you have to do is ask for, maybe multiple times.


I know you, but I don't want to talk,
You saw me, but you walk away,
Did we know each other at a time?,
Or were we stranger to each other,
When we were in a similar encounter?,

A face like yours haunts my dreams,
When we met, what we did,
How we spoke and how we'd walked away,
The encounters changed by the dream,
Have you ever felt the same?,

People hide their intentions,
In clothing, emotions and eyes, foolish,
Because we are made the same,
Just in a technicolor rainbow,
The only obvious step to do is run,
But only for so long, too,

There is a honesty between strangers,
And it is the intentions, widely shown,
Maybe, it's just the speech that gets in the way,
You see, shyness is natural, but it doesn't get it done,
As any salesman will tell you,
"You'll a thousand and one "no's" until you get one "yes",
And that is what you look and strive for,
Stumble to start, confidence builds with practice and experience,

So back here, intention is not what I want or need,
So few people seek what i want,
I want to know you, the rest is up to you,
And vice-versa,
The only question is,
Can you deliver?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 407 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 17:32

Tags Intent 

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