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Every day we boost our egos,
We use it to drive on through the day,
Never do we picture ourselves as small,
That's where "Mother Nature" steps in,
Especially around this time of year,
And in this, we find the best in us,
And in some cases, the least of us,

Nowadays, it all starts with warnings,
I say this becuase i don't know how we sense them in subtle times,
Most flee in horror and anxiety,
And some stay, brave or foolish are decided by others,
Never by God, itself,

It is born in the ocean,
Dances through the sea,
Ever growing, ever stronger,
The only peace is in the eye, but is there?,
It is a collaboration of,
The crisp crackling of the thunder,
The striking touch of lightning,
The sweeping shelter of the deafing wind,
And then, the false sweeping of water,
Over all the land it touches,

You often ask, "Why do they build sand castles?",
They cannot protect, they can't rebuild,
The "Humpty Dumpty" tale, brought to true, haunting light,
It is none other than love and pride,
Mother Nature strikes with emotional stress, and so do we,
Evolution is not a task, it is a "labor of love",
No matter how many names we give our disasters,
No matter how much tape postpone our dreams,
And no matter how much we say the word,
"Gone, it's all gone,
How can it be, where at the end there is a technicolor rainbow,
Showing us the way to evolve through all of this,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 501 times
Written on 2006-09-01 at 05:22

Tags Gone 

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Kathy Lockhart
yes, it is that time of year again every time of year all around the world. Nature belongs to no on but the Creator who designed the all of it all. We are mere specks of dust compared to the power in a natural disaster in whatever form it takes. So we live our lives the best we can and deal with what is dealt to us by the natural order of things when it is our turn to face it. Great thoughts as always, Saga....kathy

keith nunes
evolve - hope we can. well said