I was just on holiday with my friends this summer and I suddenly got aware of how easily I bond to people ...

34 days

I saw you first
Before you saw me, I mean
You were leaning to a fence
Trying to scratch some stains off your t-shirt
For some reason that made me smile

You stopped the minute you noticed us
Then you lit a cigarette and put one hand in your pocket
I don't smoke, I thought to myself
I never did
But for some reason I liked that about you

My friends introduced us to each other
I thought you were so pretty I could barely remember my name
I was mesmerized
When forced by my friends, you showed us what you could do with your skateboard
And I totally liked that about you

I caught myself thinking I was in love with you
Thinking that you were that "everything"
But how could that be?
I didn't know you!
I don't know you
I had just been told your name

I was totally confused

Now it's been 34 days
And I still remember your face
You name
And what you were wearing that day
How could that be?
How come I still remember you?
And how come I miss you?

Poetry by Ingvild
Read 587 times
Written on 2006-09-02 at 19:34

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Zachary P. B.
oh i loved this tale. =) of innocence of love of the heart... so fitting. and the title and theme of remembering...

wonderful work here. =)


Rob Graber
Enjoyable story of love at first sight!