For Kathy, an old poem I did years ago, being revived. I just hope I did it justice.

The scales (revisited)

Impatient, so much impatience,
That falls between us,
You ask "Is it the pressure to stay ahead?",
Vengeance or a Katharsis?,
You can drive too fast, you can walk too slow,
But either way, you get there, safe or unsafe,
And so that it is with life,
For every right, must come wrong,
Like I've stated before, good and bad both clap the same hands,

Our law states the right of a "speedy trial",
What they meant by "speedy", is at that time,
Was that you wouldn't sit in a cell forever, without being told,
When will you have a trial and further, what you were being accused of,
Now, it's just a word that angers people when they read it,
It's obvious it is not true to obvious eyes,
So is that of justice and the phrase "the odds will be even",
It is a process that must be done right,
Anger is natural, Disbelief is natural,
But actions with no thought is a choice, usually made from pressure,
Ignorance and strife, i.e. vigilante,

Do we bend laws for a way out of guilt,
Or have we finally got in touch of feelings that have been suppressed for so long?,
Child abuse or any othe kind of abuse, long ago was an overlooked crime, until now,
There was no such thing as "justfiable homicide" long ago, it was called "murder",
And even "police brutality" was overlook as "they were just doing their job",
The bending is even trickier, all of a sudden everyone is lunatic,
With so many problems, we're still writing names for them,
As Chris Rock once said, "What ever happen to "Crazy"',
I will even add more, "What you did is wrong and you should pay for it, under the law, you will be judged by the will of God later",

That is what we should remember,
There is a judge, actually two,
Who cannot be brought, swayed, or sweet-talk,
We weren't made to set and place judgment,
Just to protect ourselves from harm,
And think before we do,
That is what should predict our speed,
The scales will and must be balanced,
That is God, nature's and then, man/woman will to be,
We make choices everyday, good or bad,
Your worry exist on the choices made, the results,
And then finally, the balancing of the scales,

The dancer moves without trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 414 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 08:36

Tags Scales 

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Kathy Lockhart
this is well worth the wait. So much wisdom again in your words. You are gifted in writing these essays of morals, truths, and wisdom. They always provoke thought. Deep thought! Thanks for finding this and posting. :) kathy