A culture with no knowledge of who and what they are, language and their God will fall for anything. I could have been more in-depth, but I'll feed you this first.

"Ghetto" does not sell!!!

I see it everywhere, this trend,
The love and celebration of ignorance,
The degradation of language and even, a culture,
A culture that is better than this,
More intelligent than what you see publicized,
I see these "clowns" destroying a culture that took years to build,
And still, we don't get it, do we?,

It's hard for me not to swear, but I choose not to,
Because, a person swears because they don't have the vocabulary to say what is on his/her mind,
So is the lack of education to our future,
More occupied by violence, sex, nintendo and cell phones,
But they follow examples, on TV, the street, and us, the present,
We must choose to teach not only the kids, but ourselves,
That the behavior we see as "stereotype" is not us,
And show them, the viewing audience who "we" really are,

"We" are a race of intelligence, builders and leaders,
"We" are a race of the international language, music, good and bad,
"We' might have came from the condensed area you may call "ghettos" and "barrios",
But we have and will continue to show you our worth in this country,
In this world, may someday, if not already this will be publicized,

And I see this also,
The attack of immigrant, soon to be citizens of the country, businesses,
And this, I say to the attackers,
You have every trial and tribulation and right to do the same as these people have, even better,
Where are your businesses?,
No one is forcing your hand to them, but yet there you are,
Use the intelligence of the years when they wouldn't let us do it,
Even when it was guaranteed by the law itself,
And if you are doing this, you are fufilling "The American Dream",
Instead of the "MTV scene",

Madonna showed us that "Sex sells",
And made millions on that fact,
Knuckleheads are trying to show us,
That "Ghetto" sells, but it doesn't,
All they're is selling the stereotype,
But God bless the few that sell our culture,
Brighter than ever so everyone can take notice,
And I believe that in time, the phrase "Ghetto" sells,
Will be just like its fore- phrase, a fad,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 613 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 09:17

Tags Culture 

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i go to school in an area where the majority dress "ghetto" and when we the "goths" dress the way we do we get called devil worshipers and stuff.
its annoying.
i dont see whats so good about wearing your pants halfway down your but.