I wrote this when i was single and it seemed sorta silly at first.. but then i found my love and she is everything this poem talked about! i liked how things worked out that way

To my love not yet found

Your eyes are like a universe of light,
Containing everything and all that's good.
Language fails every time I see the sight,
Nor I do it justice if speak I could.

Your warm, loving smile brightens my day,
Like the sun on a summers afternoon.
It dries the rain and keeps the clouds away,
And causes everything that grows to bloom.

Your silky hair is a real sight to see,
Like the eighth wonder of the world untold.
Its beauty is doubly revealed to me,
By colors so sharp and strikingly bold.

Some think its silly, me writing to thee.
But when I find you, silly this won't be.

Poetry by Michael G
Read 510 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 17:53

Tags Love 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Thank God you found your love and I know you have both been blessed. You have a real gift.

Judy T Lloyd
I like this is sounds like what King Solomon would write. I am glad to see someone your age that has the faith you do.

Audrey Barber
Oh Micheal

I am so glad you have found that perfect love Now. The words you use are of inner beauty isn't it? Good for you Michael. I just cried. This is so pure. What a heart you must have. Bless you both