I read this passage in the bible [Joel 2:2-12] which talked about the power of God. So i wrote a poem describing Gods power.

The Lord's Judgment

An army larger than any ever seen by this world
Surges across the lands
They cannot be bribed or bartered with
For they have no demands

At the mere sight of it nations quiver
Every face turns white
Trained warriors lose their nerves
No one wishes to fight

They march along in perfect rhythm
Never falling out of line
Marching on for weeks on end
And don't complain or whine

With a sound of chariots they thunder on
Nothing can stand in its way
Nothing can bear to hold it back
Or try to keep it at bay

Earth and sky begin to tremble
Shaking from its might
Sun and moon are covered up
Depriving the world its light

Onward they plunge through every defense
Not even breaking rank
Every warrior who fought against it
Seemed to shoot a blank

Cities fall one by one
Getting caught up in this deadly dance
Nations falling two by two
Never standing a chance

Fertile land is turned to desert
The soil turned to dust
Nothing will be saved or spared
In this sweeping thrust

A day of darkness and gloom is at hand
But you can still repent
Then you can be saved from that day
The day of the Lord's Judgment

[Based on Joel 2:2-12]

Poetry by Michael G
Read 747 times
Written on 2006-09-04 at 02:42

Tags God  Judgment 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
such power in these words
such truth!

Judy T Lloyd
This is so necessary in these days, because we have fallen prey to many lies that the devil himself would have us believe.