Comforting Light

Crystal tears fall silently
By the azure sea
They are all my missing tears
Tears not shed for me

When I was sad and hurting
No one was around
And when I needed comfort
No shoulder was found

And when I needed a hug
Who was to be found
The house showed no sign of life
Not even a sound

And as I sat all alone
Weeping silently
A light shot through the silence
Wrapping around me

Its warmth soaked through my body
Comforting my soul
And I knew that it was God
Fulfilling his role

Poetry by Michael G
Read 902 times
Written on 2006-09-04 at 15:51

Tags God  Comfort  Love 

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Amanda K
yes sometimes it seems helpless and alone we feel we get to learn that at the end GOD is the only permanent comapnion>

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I love this poem. It's like a balm in Gilead; so needed, so healing.

Judy T Lloyd
Once again you have written a beautiful poem.

so true. when there is no one else, he's there... the sad part? he's there all along, it's just that often, we don't notice...

thanks for calling to mind the brilliance of God's loving light...

For He is the greatest. And your poem shows that. Wonderful piece. I have felt that warmth and especially in your poem.