For Mr. Irwin, family, friends and fans.

"Crikey" will never sound the same again

It's hard not to sound like U2, but it is necessary,
"I can't believe the news today",
"I can't close my eyes and make it go away",
I knew of him, I peek at some of the shows on the tele,
And light that shine in him was his passion,
That showed through his energy, when he faced our fears,
His daring heart, when we cringed in our seats,
And dedicated soul, to the dream he lived,
And to the life he chose,

He loved what we protected ourselves from, nature,
He served what we would put in a cage, wildlife,
Some would joke, and those would be fools,
Because they could never answer this,
What would you sacrifice for something that you love?,
You saw it everytime he played,
Everytime he fed them,
Everytime he fought for them and their safety,

They don't cry in just Austrailia, but all over the world,
But gone, he is not,
He has become what he always was,
A part of nature, and now, A force of nature,
Do not forget what he taught us, like the ones before,
Nature is one thing, and the other, seek your passion,
Love your passion, and in some cases, prepare for your sacrifice,
This is what he taught us, lest we forget,
A son, a father, a crocodile hunter, a wildlife preservist, a world-known hero,
Nature has called you home,
And it is nature that has given you immortality,

"Crikey" will never sound the same again,
But your essence will breathe throughout nature,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 392 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 06:57

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is that what u call him crikey i thought it was another person. i never knew it was the croc hunter. forgive mi

well very nice poem for a u2 member if i am right i dont listen to there song but i know they are good. Nice dirge

Kathy Lockhart
another beautiful tribute! kathy