An Addition to KJC challenge!!!!

The unconquered

Stand!, from your emotional state,
Rise!, from your mental prison,
Keep your head up!, from the unbearable pain,
For your oppressor is weak and conquered,

There is no greater coward,
Than the one who attacks those who cannot defend,
Because of love, because of devotion, because of dedication,
For these, even beaten, are unconquered, still,

Life, as the world, is riddled with uncertainties,
And because of this, we lose our way out of the light,
Guided not by the creator of love, but by pride,
Our desire becomes control,
And our fear becomes loss of control,
And there are those who will not lose, under any cost,

Their "wrath" is a secret, kept by shadows of fear,
And those "shadows" slowly destroy,
Esteem, courage, dignity and replace them with,
Submission, submission, submission, at any cost,
To the oppressor,
But their weakness, is not the fist of others,
Not the nights in a cell,
But the reflection, of who and what they have become,

They say that they are some people with "no conscious",
Wrong, if you have a soul, you have a conscious,
And you can't sell something that doesn't belong to you, i.e. your soul,
Like any other conflict, pride and fear fades,
And all that's left is dependence,
They are lost on this path, dependent on thier oppressed,
Until they realized what they always were, unconquered,
And they wise up, they rise up,
Stand and look their oppressor in the eye, and say, "No More",

Some will fight back, walk away, or put them away,
But the phrase will be enforced,

To those who oppress,
Fear is natural, loss in natural,
But using control to suppress these feelings is a sign of weakness,
Not matter how big you are, bold you are, mean you are,
Your pride and lust for control doesn't win the war,
It just embarrasses your soul, in the eyes of God,

And that is why you, the oppressor, are conquered,
And the ones striken by your hands, will remain,
Unconqured, still,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 394 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 07:33

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excellent written!!!!Don't hesitate to seek your faith..stand up!!!!kissess

Kathy Lockhart
Powerful!!!!!!!!!!!Might!!!! Strength!!! Truth!!!! bookmarked! kathy