A host of quotes. MLK, FDR, myself and a band. It's been 5 years and I can still them fall. But our spirits will help them rise again.

Five years to one day

Man against man,
Woman against woman,
Tears against cheers,
This is a civil war,
And all civil hands are unclean,
There will be a lot quotes here, but it will make sense,
"A day that will live in infamy", remembered,
Through every speech, every show, memorial, and finally, movies,
I just can't get myself to watch,
Maybe I am still in mourning,

"Blame", is such a played-out feeling,
When it comes to us losing the path,
But it is our memories that keep us going,
We just never thought of where?,
Or learn of why?,
"Anger" boils in the spirits of many, more than on the 4th,
Because of the skipping images of the fallen in our eyes,
Played by our minds,
Felt in our souls,
And expressed through our actions and feelings,
It never simmers, nor stay lukewarm,
And the task, the only job is to,
Find, seek and destroy, talking is for documentaries,

It's been 5 years, a lot has changed,
We have changed,
We cling to our securities stronger,
We look at each other a little bit longer,
And our trust as well as our attention span,
Has decreased dramatically,
Our results, can be summed up like this,
We are missing the target, repeatedly,
But, we are hitting the tree all the time,
Waiting for the hiding to fall,
Led, by people who are obviously,
"Not the sharpest knife in the drawer",
Criticized by talkers who are,
"Talking aloud and saying nothing",
And fought by the people,
And "Some will give all",

I still shed tears, from the images in my head,
Of that day, and his promise,
In which through all the faults, has been kept,
I will not remind you of the price that you know so well, now,
How do you smile after this?,
I know, through those heroes,
Who fight, fought, saved, calmed, sacrificed,
You don't make a wound deeper by,
"Playing conspiracy" or "argumentive sidings",
The "Blame Game" again,

A man once said after hearing about the assassination,
Of another man that "We, as a people, cannot seem to be disagreeable,
without being violently disagreeable",
The question now is, "Where are we going with this?",
We will not cease, but it doesn't mean we cease to think clearly,
Know, love and respect your enemy,
Because, he is your brother, your sister,
We read different books, but we all kneel before God,
The devil's only power upon mankind is persuasion,
And it is that "persusaion" is where wrong is born and driven,

5 years ago, our world shook,
The innocent, the towers, and heroes fell,
But it is their love for us that keep them alive,
In us, in all of us,
Justice is slow, but the scales will be balanced,
Against those who are truly guilty,
I'll leave you with this verse from "The the",
It is the reason why we should sing and smile again,

Here comes the blue sky,
Here comes the springtime,
When the river runs high and the tears run dry,
When everything that dies, shall rise,
Love, love, love,
Is stronger than death,
Love, love, love,
Is stronger than death,

5 years is not enough time to mourn,
And 5 years is never enough time,
To forget,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 512 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 09:55

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Excellent written!!!I love the last stanza!!!!well done!!!kissess

keith nunes
fabulous work here. an epic that says much