This is to each one of you who have been my Angels of Earth. Thank you.

These Are the Angels of Earth

Sometimes in the journeys
Of our lives,
We come across people
Who have a spirit about them,
An aura so to speak,
That shines so brilliantly and warm
That we are colored
Amber in their glow
And soothed by their presence

These are the Angels of Earth

The ones whom God has chosen
To live among us
They live an earthly
Life in human bodies
Just like we do,
But they really are not
Of this world.
Their only purpose
Is to bring happiness,
Share kindness,
Offer helping hands,
And open hearts

These are the Angels of Earth

The ones who bring comfort,
Who light the way,
Like a guide, of sorts,
On the paths that we take.
They feed us when we are hungry,
They feed our souls too.
Bring us water when we thirst
That never runs dry
Continually, they give of themselves
Never asking for anything in return
But for us to pass on the gifts
Of kindness to others
We meet along the way

These are the Angels of Earth

They offer solace in our suffering,
A comforting embrace,
A shoulder to cry on,
Words of encouragement,
Tears for our sorrows
As if they were their own;
And, they are their own

These are the Angels of Earth

They are not divine;
They are not gods;
They are people
Like you and me
Who simply do
As the Lord asks them to do
"Do unto others
As you would have them
Do unto you."
The Golden Rule
So simple yet it holds
The world in its hands
It controls the lives and circumstances
Of all who live
And do not
Live by its tenets

These are the Angels of Earth

We all can be the Angels of the Earth
Each day as we leave
Our footsteps along the paths,
While our hearts are
Scattered like wildflowers
Along our trails
Offering God's beauty
To those who will just stop
And stand in the Glow
And feel the warm light
Shining on them,
Making them amber.

These are the Angels of Earth

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 652 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 20:39

Tags Angels  Kindness  Charity 

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Malin Johansson
This one is so beautifull Kathy!!!
you are a an angel of earth, we all are in some ways for someone!!
the keywords are care, love and understanding, and that's you Kathy:))
A beautiful well written poem here!!
Hug to you

Truly a description of yourself. You're one of the sweetest angels on Earth!

haseen whel
Your thoughts always shining here on bay everyday!!!thank you too for those kind words you've always give...I will cherished it forever!!!love you....=haseen daughter=

Phyllis J. Rhodes
It takes one to know one sweet sister!
You just continue to amaze!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine a very lovely poem and so you inits style and format well done rgds mike

Dan Cederholm

Yes Kathy a beautiful poem and many are

the Angels who touched me over the years

bright shinning with a surronding soul from

the heavenly FATHER . . . and all the

blessings that lift us up whole the time!!!

Great writing I like it a lot!!!

Regards Dan


strong beatiful text with good sense and a very good mission!



A beautiful soul you
truly show:)
an angel by far:)

just one word kathy...


If this is true then there may be hope for the world yet, glad I'm a believer.

Man you just described yourself.
"An Angel on Earth."
You have put light in alot of our lives.


night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you for this wonderful poem Kathy!Yes, in my life I have met many angels that gave me the strength to move on with my life and still believe in human kindness. ...

I remember them from time to time, what would my life be if I haven't met them? So I decided to join them and spread the light to my fellow humans...

What would life be without those angels? I don't even dare to think or even imagine..