For Mrs. Negron wife and mother of two.

Toodles and Aces

She is happy now,
There are new lives being brought in this world,
The sun shines brighter,
And even the night is at peace,
I told myself that I wouldn't write about it,
But she's still my muse,
And a very good friend,

"Never getting there", was the phrase of the day,
And "Nothing's gonna change" was the phrase of the night,
But with time, age and maturity, we changed,
We became strangers to these phrases,
And befriended our own well-being,
New paths and even new ideas about life, itself,

Sometimes, I go to the past,
And I don't wonder "What went wrong?",
But more like "What was I thinking?",
And I almost press the "Depress" button,
But for what, that person in those situations,
Has learned from this, and has changed,
For better or worse, that's what choices are for,

"Toodles" was nice, but it explained a confused time,
Of hurry and thought, afterwards,
Like my writings in those days,
Thoughts in light and dark,
I don't know whether it was arrogance, agression, or vengeance,
That drove the fingers,
But it was the thoughts and only them that were pure,
Between the anger,
Between the fear,
And sometimes through the pain,
Of losing to a ride to Syaracuse,

Yes, time is a healer, but so slowly it is,
But through that, I found happiness again,
Who I was and who I am, now,
And that part was never lost, just misplaced,
In my adventures, in our adventures,
And with time, so did you, in now three ways,
Your "Toodles" have become "Aces",
As my wisdom and learning from the wrong,
Had become my salvation,
You're still the smartest person I ever met,
My wonderful and very happy muse,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 448 times
Written on 2006-09-08 at 08:02

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