Based on a discussion me and Night-Soul woman had once upon a time. I just hope I gave it wings, and stayed true to it.

A fallen leaf

Let me start this with these words,
"We all are still innocent, as long as we have our dignity",

There are so many dangers for a child,
Defenseless in a world of ideas and shadows,
I say these words because with this,
Cruelty is created and thrives,
Why do you think they reach out to us?,
The elders, most of guide and some of us betray,

A child's life should never begin as a broken jigsaw puzzle,
But yet, where is the village, beside the person,
To put them back together again?,
Where and when ever you see a child,
It is your duty to serve and protect,
With proper thinking guiding you, of course,
The adult, as the parent are teachers, too,
Always remember, they cannot protect their innocense,
As you can,

There is no greater danger than the ones,
Who are human beings who discard emotion,
To fulfill desire, a cause, a need,
They shake the tree, in silence,
Break the leaves, with arrogance,
I said before as long as you have dignity,
You still are innocent, that is the foundation,
And that is given to us as soon as we are born,
You can take the emotion, body and sometimes the mind,
But from the dignity, you can build again,
Humans created the word and the meaning of the word " inhumane",
But we also created the word and meaning of the word "heal",

A prayer to the fallen leaves in the world,
Peace never left you because it helps you sleep,
Love never betrayed you because it helps you breathe,
This is what God has and gives you, everyday,
You will never lose your innocense because, like your soul,
God has always had full ownership of that,
He will give you what you need, a listening ear,
A helping hand, and a fury that will strike the wrong,
So do not fear, you are not and never will be alone,
All you have to do is keep faith,
And if you don't remember that feeling anymore,
Start with hope, and the rest will build itself,
To my innocent fallen leaf, with firece tears, I pray,
In His name,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 508 times
Written on 2006-09-09 at 02:47

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a very moving write.a beautiful
way of expressing!!
hugs to you

"A prayer to the fallen leaves in the world,
Peace never left you because it helps you sleep, Love never betrayed you because it helps you breathe,This is what God has and gives you, everyday"

...I like it and the special thoughts you put here..thank you again for sharing,,this is one of your best..beautiful!!!!kissess

Kathy Lockhart
Beauty and wisdom flow from your pen. I say Amen too. kathy