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NOTE: 2004 00 00 xxHxx EST Child of the Night

Child of the Night

Roaming aimlessly the streets,
In freezing nights without a home,
Searching to escape my reality,
My state of mind was altered always.

Concrete, my bed, I remember,
Rough, cold touch on my surface,
Being constantly chased away also,
Just to save the view for the well-to-do…

Innocence without resources
But the eyes of my population
Disturbed by my existence
Instead of caring they…

My body starved daily,
Lessons harsh - crammed down,
A loving caress never uncovered,
But too numb in my soul to feel anything.

Crowds of misery my new family,
Delusions my only guide,
Isolation overpowering -
I’ll never forget anything.

Lost in enveloping dark desires,
Hoping the end would claim me finally,
Dead inside without hope,
Scrambled to satisfy my needs.

Life of illegality stepped into for survival,
Witnessed all the horrors heartbreaking,
Furthered my need to forget,
Sustaining the neverending vicious circle.

Child of the night worn and torn,
My distress displayed unwillingly;
Like a flashing neon light for all to see
Impossible for anyone looking my way not to notice.

A seemingly cold clerk at the doughnut shop
The only one who occasionally fed me free of charge,
She let me catch some warmth from the cold,
And never once asked, just did what no one would.

If I could find her again,
I’d express my deepest gratitude
For not condemning me,
As all I had become used to, from society.

Puzzlement to this day about my situation
Is how it all ever came to pass,
For I was only a child clearly -
The neglect, apathy should've never been.

Darkest secrets kept to myself
Today I hide among people,
And regardless of my wish to suppress,
A part of me - all of this - will forever remain.

Words by Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2005-09-14 at 05:00

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Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Sorry to think anyone would have to live through this,
Let alone yourself F.i.ine. I found this extremely well written
With regards Alan

This is another amazing write of yours! Everything you write here I can feel.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
I feel every word yet I am mindful that I could never feel the pain as one who has experienced the events so described. The cancerous indifference that people display is an indictment of the society that the powers to be have fashioned. Let them hide behind their shiny façades for their souls will always be wanting. You are an angel and you do not require their countenance and they, they should be humbled by your presence.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Haunts me every time i read this.

ah, i remember reading this awhile back, i am sure the lady at the doughnut shop would smile from here to tomorrow if she read this poem. it is a mad world at the best of times, even madder when life is against you and society who spreads its feathers of compassion in one breath with give and be charitable etc then in the next breath says no. at least there are some though in the world who can open their hearts and bring a little comfort to those who are in need.

betsy Firefly
Writing poems of this caliber, you won't need to hide from anyone much longer!

I'd like to use it to read to some teenagers that are taking leadership training here. We will visit street children - 100 or so on the streets in my city London. May Iuse it?

Dan Cederholm

I am back brother!!!

And our sisster is here

We are waiting for you!!!


Funny that I made a friend the other day then I come to read this.He was eight or seven and all he wanted was something to eat.....not money, just food.And when we finally talked I realized that he was still a child.....lost,hopeless and robbed of all the joy that belongs to those his age.It is sad,it is TERRIBLE, It is heartwrenching and we as society ought to be ashamed to sit in church with clasped hands in our very best attire or to go around life saying it is none of our business!!!!A child should never ever have to go through this!!!!!!!
Child of the night,you are not alone.There are those who feel your affliction and those who are doing something to end this insanity.A very deep and moving poem.BRAVO,my dear.You have stolen the show.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
I do not have the words to explain. This is just a heart wrenching beautiful testonomy of societies indifference. Safer to ignore than engage. The tear my heart cries humbles me. No child should have to experience this, to have their innocence crushed and challenged by the shallowness of invisibility the person in the street offers as protection to their comprehension of their small world. A awesome emotive piece, everybody needs to read this. Then maybe, just maybe people will change.

Zoya Zaidi
So much you store inside,
So much misery, so much strife,
So much did the big dark world,
Contribute to your black night!
Hard cold concrete for bed,
A crumb of two, instead of bread,
A worn torn shawl to keep you warm,
Craving for some human warmth,
A smile of kindness, a look of compassion,
Any thing acting as a ray of hopeful fashion
Only prying eyes of evil regression,
Nothing in them of soulful impression...
A child of the night, aimlessly groping
In the dark, recklessly floating on
The hard, cold, rough and black- dark tarmac!!!!!
My heart goes to you my dear child
Of the dark!!!!

(((((((((Hugs dear

((((((((Your dear friend of the light))))))
((((((((With hopes to dispel some dark)))))
(((((((((To bring some light to your dark & gloomy night)))))))
(((((((((To keep afloat some hope?)))))))))
(((((((((So that in the dark, you don't have to grope)))))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

I think people would rather look away than get involved. Makes it easier if they just don't see. Im so sorry you lived through this kind of horror. I hope all is well now. This really pulls at my heart strings.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
yes this is one i remember well, i think i have read this many many times now and everytime it gets better :)