The greatest thing, you'll ever learn is just to love, and to be love in return. Nat King Cole


I want to make you happy,
And yet you tell me "It's too late",
There really isn't anymore to say but,
But who has the courage?,
You hate my words,
And I hide from your hands to heaven,
Are you really blind?, maybe only to my sights,

Circling, running about,
Looking to be catched or hitting a wall,
All I ever wanted, Yeah, "I",
What ever happened to "we",
Everyone begs and pleads for a shot,
But it's not intended sometimes,

You are everywhere, but you just won't come home to stay,
Spend time and care,
We always go out to find you,
And the results are never something to write about, maybe,
And in us, it shines as a burning need,
And just light, you will never sleep,
I see the word "Newport",
Not the familiar definitons, but something new,

A port of new slate, and all we do is wait, look,
And maybe find what is right in front of you,
An even allegiance of one to another,
We are not perfect, yes, but everthing can be solved,
By just a touch of their hands,
Because problems are only strong if you make them strong,
They're born from our feelings of need,
Just like everything else,
Together, only together we solve and evolve,
To maybe our true purpose,
Children on a big blue marble,
Friendly neighbors,
Two people dedicated to each other,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 535 times
Written on 2006-09-11 at 06:44

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keith nunes
great piece mate. so emotive and vulnerable. well done

Kathy Lockhart
yes, the touching of hands. I can see how the joining in that type of bond can solve so many of our problems. The intimacy, the care, the tenderness of the touching of hands. love the thoughtfulness of this poem. : ) kathy

A beautiful piece...full of the burning questions we all ask, full of wanting and that need to be satisfied...a hunger for 'we'
Outstanding work.

That's true!!!powerful poem...lovely!!!!kissess