I was walking to class and saw a memorial of little flags in dedication to the people who died in the twin tower attacks of 9/11. So i felt inspired to write this in dedication to the events and victoms of 9/11.

2752 Flags (in memory of 9/11)

Thousands of little flags
Blow gently in the breeze
A lone memorial
In midst of grassy seas

Many people pass them
And they don't seem to care
That each flag represents
More pain than most can bear

Each flag is a symbol
Of a loved one taken
A tragedy that must
Never be forsaken

They were husbands and wives
New fathers and mothers
Best friends and relatives
Our sisters and brothers

On this day they all died
In an act of terror
Forgetting that event
Would be a grave error

On this anniversary
Please stop to remember
All those who lost their lives
On this eleventh of September

Poetry by Michael G
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Written on 2006-09-11 at 19:10

Tags Dedicatino  Memorial 

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Judy T Lloyd
And there will be others the 16,000 or more who suffer from the effects of the smoke and debris from that day.

Outstanding write Michael. You have penned it so well.
I shall bookmark this one.