To Kathy's challenge. A couple of past experiences and a bag of m&m's.


Today, Valentine's day,
A date, and maybe, tonight,
You can tie me up and blindfold me,
Just as long as your scent prevails,
We'll enjoy warm chocolate,
On fruits, toes and lips,
We talk of us, the night,
And the morning,

With the chocolate that makes alcohol so overrated,
We fall for its splendor as it slivers,
Through our senses, through our touch,
The richness overwhelmes the tang,
The soothe controls the raw,
And through all of this, the silkness,
Of its everlasting carress of all things,
Wrapped within its touch upon us,
In this time,

Time, there's no such things,
Inside this seductive rapture,
We have warmed up, shared and savoured,
We bring back the fun,
And stopped calling it a chore,
Becuase if continued,
It is nothing more but, a bore,
I forgot "Sweet", which one?,

That's what drives us all to ectasy,
The combination, the combustion,
Of all things that are sweet,
You, me, the fruits, the chocolate and even the room,
Moves, yes, the earth has moved,
Just for us, just for us,

Today, Valentine's day,
A date, and now, the morning,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 415 times
Written on 2006-09-12 at 04:50

Tags Fondue 

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Ok this must be my day for chocolate
Phyllis had chocolate and Johnny Depp
now you have chocolate fondue!

May i share my hot chocolate kisses here lol

Hot Chocolate Kisses

The chocolate was warmed
He dipped the brush in
Then he painted my lips
And I knew I was done in

He followed my lip line
It dribbled on down
Across the bottom of my lip
My heart it did pound

Then ever so softly
He leaned into me
Covered my lips
Then kissed me gently

But it wasn't over
No, he dipped it once more
As he painted the chocolate
I slid to the floor

Now, I cannot tell you
Where the brush did descend
But I can sure tell you
That wasn't the end

All this chocolate sure does hit the spot yes?

Thanks for sharing now pass me some m&m's lol


Kathy Lockhart
Oh, love the title. And the poem, was delicious! thanks for the contribution!! xx kathy

keith nunes
sensuous and suggestive. cool