A simple observation in a shoe store. Kind of like "Forrest Gump" with a little brain.

Walking in my shoes

Everybody wishes and everyone doesn't,
It is the way of world,
We all need heroes,
We all need foes,
But are we, really,
The hero and foe?,

What I mean is,
Do we judge so quickly,
That when our time comes,
We reconsider, too late?,
You never know anything,
Unless you wear "shoes",
Experience wearing them,
Moving from place to place with them,
But it is more than this,
It is the understanding of a perspective,
No agreement, no allegience,
Just understanding, why?,
Things are what they are,
And why right and wrong,
Are parts of the same coin,

"Never" and "No way", are words of a fool,
And the position always comes to them,
The quickest,
A river never moves without ripples,
As does life and experience itself,
Preparation is good, but not required,
Because sometimes, it gets in the way,
Like they say in an opera,
"If you like it , you'll love it forever",
"If you don't like it, you'll appreciate it,
But it will never become part of your soul",
And so it is,

In a shoe store you judge more than what you put on your feet,
You judge attitude, style, respect,
Simple ways of judgment that we never use,
In life, experience and in the way of things,
Thank God he's/she's willing,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 409 times
Written on 2006-09-12 at 05:45

Tags Shoes 

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Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, come to think of it a comfertable pair of shoes is such a blessing.
And God help the one who has to walk the whole day with pinching shoes.
And dancing shoes have a way of
making you feet want to dance.
And elegent shoes make a statement all their own.
Yes, it is amazing how we take shoes for granted.


Welcome to the bay from my side,
Sorry I am a little late; But, was away for a long Holiday.


The dancer moves without a trace because he is't wearing any shoes i think lol

interesting take on walking in our shoes.


Kathy Lockhart
Now I know why I have shoes all over my bedroom. It's a good thing! thank you. : )

keith nunes
now that's inspiring!