The big question ...

Loving you

Loving you ...

It brings out the best in me
It makes smile

Other times
It brings out the worst in me
The tears

Loving you
It messes up my feeling
Takes away their ability to tell me right from wrong

And the strength to be strong

I am thinking about it from time to time
Leaving you

Would it
Bring out the best in me
Or the worst?

Doesn't matter

Deep inside I know
I couldn't leave you

I love you too much

Poetry by Ingvild
Read 587 times
Written on 2006-09-12 at 18:31

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keith nunes
beautiful poem and a lovely expression of your love. well done

love is always a good topic to write about

hmmm... i like the thoughts here... left or right, but no, i don't have a choice... my heart decides... i can definitely relate.

love gives the most painful and the most happy days in our lifes.. fine poem, it tells the truth, its not always easy to love=)