this hasn't happened to me...but it's happened to someone i know...long time ago...but i read a book that reminded me of it

Why Did I Do It?

death greets him warmly
on his pedestal of pain
he sleeps coldly
he's never had anything to gain

And as a victom
he never said a word
to anyone or anything
his life is so damn absurd

but as he lies
in his sleep
with his chest rising and falling
eyelids fluttering, and his parents are on the floor crawling

In their pain
over their loss
they feel it was my fault
but it surely is not

I'm not sure what i thought
i should've listened to her
that fifth shot of vodka
is the cause of what occured

I never should've gone
well, i take that back
i was right to go
i was gonna designatedly drive

and instead i was greedy
i hated being out of the fun
and looking back i feel so bad
because it was my turn

I should've been responsible
and now i'm paying the price
excuse me we,
we are paying the price

so goodbye my friend
you've taught me so much
and even tho i couldn't please you
man you helped me and such

You gave me a trust
a new aspect of my life
it's called responsibility
and man i'm feeling the strife

to your parents i am so sorry
to our friends i salute
as i hold this pistol up
and i ask myself the truth

why did i do it?

Poetry by Painful Profits
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Written on 2006-09-13 at 03:25

Tags Vodka  Life  Song 

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Rob Graber
There's a painful profit for you! But the gain is lost if he pulls the trigger...