Fear is persuasion through exhausting your feelings.


I'm tired, I'm so tired,
There was a time when I reacted so differently,
But not anymore, to me, it's old,
And in the end, I think the intimidation,
Is more on the other side than here,
It's all gone, but not the innocense,
Just the senselessness of the feeling,
They and we made it, for barriers,
But like a rock in a volcano,
They eventually melt away, with reason,
Melt away, with truth,
Melt away, from courage to stand,
Melt away, just fades away,

A mind-killer, it's not even that,
It's a persuasive tool,
That we all use to win, in moderation,
To control, in abuse,
Positive and negative like a battery,
That in time will run out,
That's what I feel, nowadays, in a positive manner,
Maybe I can finally call myself "grown-up",
Yeah, whatever, we don't even know what that means,
To a mountain, a tree, land,
They never started from "shaking in their boots",

I think I have "shattered" this feeling,
Or maybe it just hasn't have any use for me anymore,
And in some ways, I'm proud to say,
That the feeling is mutual,
So when that feeling boils in you,
Just remember these words,
"I can use you just as much as you can use me,
All we'll do is tire each other out,
So give yourself a rest, and I'll promise,
When the event begins and ends without you,
You can shake me enough that you'll can rock me to sleep,
Because, now, I'm tired,
So tired of you",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 817 times
Written on 2006-09-13 at 06:05

Tags Fear 

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keith nunes
strong and potent poem. you express with such ferocity. i lke it!

Oh i know these feelings all to well....

exceptional write such raw emotions you spill on this page.