From the old "80 's " rap song "Rumors". "I can't go no place, without somebody pointin' a finger".

Correct me if I'm wrong

Now, I touched on this before,
But it all came back in anger,
On the ride home,
I made the mistake of listening to a radio host,
I won't say any names, on the AM channel,
Attacking somebody on the tele, again,
About the subject that is on the entire world's mind,
And it has compelled, pushed and now angered me,
To figure this out,

Correct me if I am wrong,
Because I don't want to step on anyone's toes,
I just want to understand, not aggravate,
Now once there was a leader,
And then a terrible thing happened,
We stood by him when he said,
"We hear you", and soon "They will hear us",
We went to Afghanistan, to find a bearded man,
That might look like your uncle in camoflage,
Hiding in a cave,
Now let me get this straight,
We have all this technology,
To keep me, who hasn't done anything, yet,
In check, along with everyone else,
But we can't find one skinny bearded man,
For all we know, he's works at Starbucks,

Off that subject, for a moment,
We did try to put a stop the assembly of terror,
And even found one of our own in the assembly,
But yet, the job wasn't getting done, quick enough for us,

So our leader needed a diversion, a big one,
Called Iraq,
Now this is where I introduce something we have seemed to forgot,
Common Sense,
Where I come from, if a bully, say Sadaam,
Lived next door and you knew he was a bully,
Until he did an "act of Bullying", you cannot confront him,
But because he refused to have his family pride challenged for all time,
He decided that "we" should pay Sadaam a "visit",
With the intent to stay, under the suspicion of a new phrase we made,
Weapons of Mass Destruction,
But like the TV shows, the DNA did not match the crime,
But it didn't stop him or us,
"We" followed orders and watch our leader opened up,
A "can of worms", that now stunked up the entire world,
And now he is trying to look good "Cleaning it up",

Now get and hear this,
It is not ANTI-Anything to "think",
The people were never "anti-soldier",
Not even a liberal or a conservative,
We were anti-ignorant, anti-falsely accuse,
Anti-no plan, before or afterwards,
And do and do pointing the fingers,
Back tracking history is not doing any soldier,
Any UN representative any good,
But you are doing the bloodshed a world of good,
"If we leave now, things will get worse",
Yeah, when now you have no choice, but to,
You must make new laws to protect,
And break laws to protect to "clean up",

But what about "skinny bearded man from Afghanistan"?,
Half-baked and half-done, maybe,
You may ask, "What are you doing about it",
I'm listening and I'm thinking as a citizen,
I agree here and I disagree there,
As a ex-soldier raised by soldiers, I know what they are going through,
All they want to do is "Go home", but they can't,
Not because of humanitarian media,
It's because if they leave the gates of what terror is still left over,
Will escape,

So where are we now?,
We were once in a surplus,
We are in debt,
We once kept evil in check,
We adopted "terrorism", but for now, we are safe,
We were once worried about infidelity in the White House,
Now we worry about leadership, on both sides,
it's in God hands now, all of this International mess,
Of the wimpy UN,
The blindly combatant Allies,
The lost terrorist hiding behind beliefs to credit vengeance,
And all the violence, finger pointing, and death in between,
Just correct if I am wrong,
I would ike to be wrong about this,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 615 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 05:37

Tags War 

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Kathy Lockhart
You are dancing, I see you, I hear you. Brave you are to dance on this stage. Leaving traces with your words. Thought traces that linger and dance through my mind. Expressioninstic dancer, dance. xx kathy

at first i was afraid to read further down the page ..i hate political arguements personally...they never solve a thing...but i would have to say that your words made more sense to me than anything else i have heard or read in the media or from the mouth any politician.

excellent, real, heartfelt and true on every count.