My contribution to KJC beautiful poem on "Comfort"


Warmth, safe, simplicity,
That's what I seek in you,
There must be sanctuary within this,
Self-proclaimed storm called "society",
If not, you lose pieces of the mind,
And in some cases, pieces of you,
Solace can be found in anything,
Blankets, jobs, people,
You know it , you feel it,
And most of all, your confidence feeds from it,
Step by step,
Cuddle after cuddle,

In between cold and hot lives warmth,
And like a thermostat, we're constantly adjusting it,
And when we get the spot, we're not letting go,
"Stoners" call it "tull",
We call it a "natural high", hopefully,
The word "special" comes to play now,
Because if it was common, it wouldn't feel unique,
The most example of the word is with people,
And that's what we especially seek for warmth,
We just hope it's not temporary,

One of the hardest things to comfort is security,
It doesn't come easy, especially in these days,
I mean, when was the last time you heard someone say,
"I feel 'safe' with you"?,
You heard the promise, but never the phrase,
It nothing physical about this, it's emotional,
When all emotion rides in the same wavelength,
Don't mean to sound scientific, it was the only way to describe it,
It's as simple as a touch of the fingers,

Which leads us to simplicity,
Comfort is so simple,
Because of all the searching,
It's always right in front of you,
So simple, even to the touch,
This is where we need to be,
Where we want to stay, but can't sometimes,
The outside has to be taken care of,
Sometimes first priority,

Comfort will always love us,
And it sure won't close the doors when we leave,
Because it knows, we'll be back soon,
Like this bed I'm about to fall into,
Gimme shleter, Gimme comfort,
And definitely, Gimme rest,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 578 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 06:08

Tags Comfort 

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keith nunes
comfort, shelter, safety ... words that are treasured indeed but as you say these days hard to find. well done brother

Oh Bri
such a soft and yes comforting piece here
just beautiful to read and consider,
i know its silly but i have a lovely old cotton quilt and the softness and coolness on my skin actually does make me feel safe and sort of cocooned and away from the world....but yes there is no finer comfort then when in the presence of someone special