written about a girl I met loved and left.

Another time

I visited a country for the first time
and visited an arab party for the first time
I met a girl for the first time
then went on a date for the first time

This girl and I kept in touch for many years
but secretly I found another a lot closer to me
Later I found the strength to tell her that our love was not to be
Because I told her I had found love more locally.

That love was not the love I thought, even though I got married
We even had two children but later I could not stand it.
I left because she was not the love I wanted, needed -
more active, adventurous and wild.

I found another - one who cared, who really cared for me
she took the care and took away all my troubles from me:
all was fine and we got hitched and then the trouble started
she took my money and my life and I was back where I started.

I met my girl again for the first time, soon after that
we dated and spent time alone but later on we parted
That was when I realised that I cannot try to go back
But if I could I wish I had stuck with the first girl I had.

I visited that country again and wished she was still with me
I would show her off and be so proud of her - my love and now so lost.
We do still talk from time to time but we will never again see
each other the way we used to be - as now she is married.

Poetry by Sebastian Lea
Read 644 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 13:48

Tags Girls  Emotion  Love 

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it is a sad poem :D i loved it