why did i do this???

as i sit here and wait for hours for you to show up,
you are out with your ex-girlfriend,
but you tell me how much you care for me,
i knew that i should have know better,
well believe it or not i believed you at first,
now that time has passed on,
i have moved on to someone better,
someone who really does care for me,
when you dont show up i lock myself in the bathroom,
and cry and the only ones who care are my friends and dominic,
obvoiusly you dont give a fuck about me,
look at all the pain you put me through,
look at all the tears i have cried for your ass,
look at all the lies you tell me,
all i got to say is the i am through with your ass,
i can take it anymore,
so goodbye to the one i thought i wanted to be with!!!!!

Poetry by lynn
Read 974 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 19:26

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Stay strong Lynn:) Remember I'm here for you:) Remember when we promised to stick together through all the bad and good times? Well I'm sticking by your side forever:)


Because with love you give more than you think. But with time and this experience, you will give to someone who is more than willing to give back. As for him, you don't know what you got 'til it's gone. Somebody made a song like that!

keith nunes
all power to you. you tried now move on. good for you!