I just got finished reading Linda Jenkinson's last poem, and I listened not read, the theme. The title, it's been ringing in my head all day, as well as being the theme for the day.

Don't try so hard to say goodbye

They lie to you,
Those voices,
They'd lied to you, too,
Those people over there,
You knew this, and yet you still believe "it's over",
The only thing that is "over" is your "want",
Your "desire",
"Need" has never left you,
That's what we seem to forget,
We lose the difference of the two,
A want is something you strive, and in some cases,
Will do anything to get,
A need is something that is neccessary to survive,
And it is usually right in front of you,
You can want anything, but it will never fufill a need,
In your heart, in your soul,

Everytime we say "goodbye",
We leave a little of something behind,
And that's the way it is,
As we are given the ability to choose,
We also have the ability to think out the choice,
No matter how you try to run from it,
You have to answer your own questions,
In your head, and see the results in view,
Of a live audience,

I learned this lesson once upon a time,
Men don't leave,
Women will leave, but,
People will always be around,
And it still rings true,
Desire is a tricky thing,
We desire the design,
But need the circuitry,
In this case, they always say,
"People eat with their eyes",
When it crumbles, like all things, we blame,
Everything except the desire, because,
It is the desire that will show us the new design,
As for need, we'll leave that to the casino,

Everytime we say "goodbye",
We leave people behind,
People, who are mothers,
Fathers, sisters and brothers,
The future that we don't see, yet,
And yet, we want to turn off the TV,
Notice "want" gets in the way,
And the "need" is right there,
And then we lose the sight, to voices,
And throw it away,
And realize what path we took,
And then remorse comes in,
And then, it's too late,
Just too late,

Goodbye was never meant for rest,
It's meant for a peaceful departure,
From the present scene,
It's not a want, even in some cases, it's necessary,
I.E. work,
But a need, everybody needs peace before the next encounter,
Even if it's a sad one,
So you can't win, huh?,
From the real world, I bid you welcome,
"Don't try so hard to say goodbye",
Like Maroon 5 would say, once more,
"It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along",
And that what it's all about,

So this time, it's not "goodbye",
This time, I say "peace",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 627 times
Written on 2006-09-15 at 05:17

Tags Peace 

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Kathy Lockhart
So much truth and insight you have shared in this piece. I know that I have pieces of me scattered along the way. Some I have left, some were torn from me. But, with each passing, I learn. I learn the difference between "want" and "need," between love and lust, between right and wrong. thanks for this wonderful essay. kathy

you pour your heart out in this and it really made me cry
i think we have all been in this place..
good bye is such a hard thing for me but apparently it is not for some others...i always seem to leave something behind and wonder if they feel the same with about me....thus:

No matter how you try to run from it,
You have to answer your own questions,
In your head, and see the results in view,

really good expression here and great writing too