Something about life


It's well to know what is right and what is wrong
choosing this what is good to you
occasionally just at the moment through
but even if you know
that something is just an illusion
take this and don't lose the truth
all the pleasure of illusion's world is
its fluency

Take me tonight deeply and free
I'm here for you
you can believe
even if we never
see each other

I can play with you
to love affair
taking a pleasure of it
to dissolve, to dipped into us but
I know that it is he
who's love is real
he is this one who stays by my side still
but I want you both
tonight, for a while, forever, whatever
our mild possession
devoid of big risk
because I'm here
you are there still
we just take a pleasure of our illusion
to inspire, to fly for a while
to rise this hunger for a special life
we all fight with the boredom outside
we play exciting games
to turn us on
to another day
living for a pleasure
fot these whiles we can catch
we can suddenly find

tame the strangers
to create internal world
we can watch TV
it's almost this same but
less funny

My favorite game is to make
the stranger my friend

but these are
different kind of plays yet
friends become lovers
lovers become slaves
slaves become masters
masters become enemies
enemies become strangers

there is always some risk
between you and me

Another art is to devote yourself
in the name of idea
to everything you wish
God, policy, sex, pleasure, love
there is just one condition
in everything you do
you must be real
you have to be
able to drown
but of course
you can just slither on the surface
but is never enough
to the one
who name himeself the philosopher

Sometimes the family
is the key of true life too
you can build your life around
of this what you love, you care about
but sometimes the family
becomes this thing you want to escape of
to the world of illusions
it's not a bad world
just easy to crash
you can stay alone in the desert
trying to build your world again
but after years you don't have
so much force and enthusiasm as well
so there is some risk
your life' d stay empty enough
to let you feel bad if you can't
live for idea just

look positive
the light is better
than darkness
in a long distance
with the world

there is also like this
that we are going through
another step into the knowledge
if I'm the woman I know a bit more than the girl I was
if I'm the wife I know a bit more than miss
if I'm mother I know a bit more than wife
I'm mistress, I'm wife, I'm mother
everything is just process in progress
we turn into the wisdom of reality
we turn into experience
of our life

so jump into the life
Don't be afraid
this is the way
to fill your self

There is some story about life too
life is an empty glass
to fill
put the stones first
you can see the free space yet
so put the gravel in
not filled still?
put the sand
but don't put it first because
there wont be space for nothing else

Poetry by anna3
Read 527 times
Written on 2005-09-17 at 09:26

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dott Print text Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
i like this.. i think it all depends on your situation and circumstances though... :) very good write... thanks for sharing :f

later... xx

Commentally Ill
games, those are fun. i like command and conquer, adventure quest, and euchre. dominoes is pretty okay too.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
aye there is the day to day time we have where we are away from here, and then the net time, we find friends which sometimes turn to lovers, it's all a game, both the illusion and the real, but illusion is real too, just being here smiling, it is our lives, so therefore it is real. we do what hopefully makes us happy and online just as in day to day we can sometimes get lost.