It doesn't hurt too much

No you don't hurt me
This time too much
That you didn't come
Maybe because
There is natural
In us, that every time
It disappoints less
Besides I bought some new dress
So I can say
I'm in good mood today
Yes, just a little bit regret
Not even this that you didn't come
But this
That I believe less
In every word you can say
From now
By the way
Why you didn't come
This time?
I wonder if you explain
In some interesting way
This fact that
You made me fool
I hope just that you make fun
With this game
You call by big words sometimes
But now I know
That you just play
But it's ok
It's good to laugh
We don't have the time for sorrows
It's without any sense to worry
About such things too long
I'm just not going to take your words
So, yes love me more
And forever
Be my boy
And feel good with these sweet lies
That makes us fools sometimes

Written by Anna Cellmer

Poetry by anna3
Read 908 times
Written on 2007-02-21 at 11:18

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good one anna:)