Love knows no distance

Once you said
To me
What are you doing here
Be realist
I'm living in the South
You are there on the North
So how come you see
The future for you and me?
Come back
To your home
There is no
Distant love

And now
When I know
Your answer for my call
I'm just more sure
That there is no
Any distance important
For true love
You were wrong

My new love
Who has found me
Lives much far
From you
But it doesn't matter
For us at all
We feel this
What you never did
And we are happy
To be together

You will never know
What you have lost
I suppose
But it doesn't matter anymore
Everyone has it's own true
To believe
And I hope
That you are happy
To gain this what you have been built
Your reality you live within

I'm happy living in my dream of love
Being there with my boy
Who always so perfectly knows
How to make me wanting him
On and on
He is the artist of my soul
He is the man who I know
Even without any real touch
He offered me
Much more
He made me
The woman in love
So, there is no other true
To me
Just that I love him
There is no other answer
That you never did
But who cares of this now?
The past has gone by
And now
Is just the heart which believes again
And there is new treasure to gain
And there is a dance of love
For this one
Who loves.

Written by Anna Cellmer

Poetry by anna3
Read 1005 times
Written on 2007-02-21 at 11:12

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well written anna:)

ah distance is but a mirage in life, even befoe this technological age there was the pen and paper and love travelled miles :)