a little something i thought of after church one day.

What did God say?

What did God say
To make the rose unfold
To create colors
That we love to behold?

What did God say
To create the sun
For us enjoy the sunset
When the day is done?

What did God say
To place the stars
Letting us count them
And make them ours?

And I wish I could know
After all this splendor
What lines he spoke
To create our wonder

Poetry by Michael G
Read 846 times
Written on 2006-09-15 at 17:16

Tags God 

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Edna Sweetlove
God said zilch. He was having sex with his Mummy at the time.....

Judy T Lloyd
I would say that perhaps God said, let it be.

David Hazell
somebody must have said 'Let there be gravity'..I suppose.

Amanda K
words to meditate on. Well-said.