It's love. Only love.

Sun And Moon

Sun and moon
my elements face your skin
your kisses and your hugs
a magic and a sin

sexy eyes full of charming sparkles
sky is jealous
kiss me under a fainted photograph
it's my world with no broken hearts

people don't sing anymore their tales
keep holding them inside
do anything for love, kill for love
silly! they can't get it right

Sun and Moon
my elements bring me back to you
hands full of sunrises, my sunset is yours
summer and spring, come along for a bit

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 435 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 13:52

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Dan Cederholm

Excuse me "When I kiss the sky" (Jimi

Hendrix)!!! A lovely poem here and I can't

se no sin in it!!!"One Love" (BOB Marley)!!!

Regards Dan!!!