partially true...


I inhale, the smell of smoke drifts slowy through the air
A tap on the shoulder, and i know that its clair
She wants whats hers, and i'm not one to deny
the joys of life and i'm one who can rely
on his friends, i know she's fo real
and she's never let me down before.

I exhale, and suddenly everything has its own edge
and SHIT, it security we jump the hedge
and high tail back to lakeside like pure whisps in the air
and of course we get caught, just my luck
and we're taught about this system that is known as dare
and i guess in a way it's good, but oh my god fuck!

A week later, my family ships me off to boarding school
but hell now i got it easy and my teachers are fools
so now i'm in a school with others just like me,
i wonder what in ten years i'll turn out to be.

i'm worried...

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 531 times
Written on 2006-09-17 at 05:20

Tags Inhale  Exhale  Surprise 

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Zoya Zaidi
How about going and finding out?
May be Clair is still waiting for you.
May be she loves you still?
Wants 'her rights' still...

How about having a go at it?

Then may be your 'pain' will be 'profitable'... lol

Love, Zoya