I've been on the job open to close all week and probably the next over superior ignorance. But this is more than this, to triumph over tremendous circumstances with just or not even the bare neccessities, just relying on faith in God and yourself and eve


Persistence, Loyalty, Bravery,
Rare qualities as for my self-proclaimed code,
I am these in everything I do,
Not to be noticed, but always doing the right thing,
Even if the consequences are something,
The average person will not take,
It's all about choices,
It's all about the job,

The job pays for things,
With no job, no pay,
Lazy and dependent, many have become,
You might not trust,
But your work you must trust,
The police officer doesn't stop working because,
The captain is corrupt,
The streets still need him/her,

When you walk for the wrong reasons,
You fail, the people dependent on you,
Way before you fail yourself,
Sometimes, you must take what you do not,
Because the ends must pay the means,
The temptation of leaving is always present,
But you never see anyone walk into a bar,
Not to meet someone, or something,

Trust yourself, always,
That's the essence of loyalty,
With that trust, then comes the loyalty to the job,
Corporation, team and even the boss,
"You can't always get what you want",
But all of you fufill and get what you need from each other,

Finally to the brave,
Your weary mind and body,
Fueled by spirit alone,
Be proud, stand proud,
Seek not recognition, because God already sees you,
You have given to Caesar, hopefully,
You have sweated your brow,
I hope you rest like I will in a moment,
For I am Persistence,
I am Loyalty,
I am Bravery,
I am a "Survivor", truly,
Way before CBS got to touch it,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 421 times
Written on 2006-09-17 at 05:56

Tags Survivor 

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Zoya Zaidi
Very true.
Yes, perseverence, hard work, honesty, loyalty, all pay in the end.
Thanks for the nice setiments.
Boldly and beautifully expressed...

Kathy Lockhart
You are a survivor that also throws out the lifeline. Thank you for this beautiful text. : ) kathy

keith nunes
strive on brother. you've done incredibly well expressing this right here

now i know why