A poem i wrote to a very fear friend of mine:)

To a dear friend

As we sit here talking,
and looking into the TV screen,
watching some weird films,
I think about the universe,
how its always expanding,
the crimson moon lighting upon us over this roof,
knowing that this big universe can't
compare to the friendship we have,
and unlike this world,
it will last forever

as we will wander through life,
suppporting each other,
caring for each other,
no matter how far down we might fall,
we will always stand our grounds together,
never apart in out hearts and souls,
I might sometimes seem abit overprotective,
it might make look like a mad man,
but know that i do it cause I love you,
and when I do there is reason,
I know you would do the same for me,
cause our friendship,
is what keeps me alive,
you help me breathe and you help me heal,

What have I done to deserve this?
A question I cannot answer,
Life is great when you are around me,
and forever shall I be here for you,

Lots of love, from your dear friend

Poetry by Alexander
Read 1200 times
Written on 2006-09-17 at 22:55

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this was a great read. well done with drwing the reader in. :)

wow a very nice poem 4 a friend i really enjoyed reading it!!!!

how you reveal!!!!
what your heart truly shows
the love here!!wow!!!!
a beautiful read you give
to release what your heart
tells you!!
lovely what you have written here:)
to show your friend your deepest
feelings:))))) Of Love!!!!!!